The BCLC group is a transversal Unit that exerts its activity in separate areas and facilities of the hospital.

Ambulatory patients are visited at the Outpatient Clinic where they are first evaluated clinically and by Ultrasound.

Radiology staging and interventional procedures are performed within the hospital building and if patients require hospital admission, this takes place in the wards managed by the Liver Unit. These include Intensive Care, one-day stay ward and conventional hospitalization wards.

The BCLC faculty runs two research labs, both located at the CEK building:

The Global BCLC lab is run by Loreto Boix and is responsible for tissue and sera banking as well as development and validation of techniques for tissue processing and cell line establishment.

The BCLC Lab is directed by Albert Morales working in molecular signatures and tumor enviroment.

Clinical research is supported by a research nurse and a study coordinator that are key in the management of patients and proper conduction of research following Good Clinical Practice definitions.